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June/7/2010 (Mon) 11:16 JST (UTC + 9)

I updated this week's pictogram. It's "Counseling".

By the way, I will have a 3rd interview of a certain company, today.
At first, the interviewer said "Let's discuss with drinking alcohol".

But, Human resource division said it is not good to interview with drinking.
So, interview has changed not drinking alcohol, but drinking coffee.

Anyway it is a first time for me to be interviewed in the coffee shop.
And it is also first time to enter coffee shop with straining.

However, I think I step up to the higher interview.
I want to get a "Notification of employment" soon.

May/24/2010 (Mon) 9:58 JST (UTC + 9)

I updated this week's pictogram. "Prohibition for riding bicycle".

By the way, as I have written, I am unemployee.
I am submitting two company's job opening.

English telephone interview has successfully done.(At least, I think it is seccuess)

It's monday morning here.

I think the result will come soon.

I'm just waiting. I feel it is a long time.

Come on "the notification of employment"!!!

May/17/2010 (Mon) 10:28 JST (UTC + 9)

I updated this week's pictogram.
Is it lovely? however, child is looks like space alien.

By the way, I am unemployee now.
So, I applyed to job opening of several company.

I passed first interview one of them.
The second interview will be telephone conference in English.

I can not be good at speaking English.
What shall I do???

Yes! Let's make a script. Let's make it a scripted interview.

The demerit of this method is I can not answer, if there is unexpected question.

May/10/2010 (Mon) 11:12 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to the whole world!
I updated this week's pictogram. It's "Air bag".

And, Yahoo! changed to categorize my website from "Business" to "Funny".

I collected pictograms but I do not sell pictograms.

When my website was categorized into business, I was afraid that somebody order to make pictograms to me.

Well, the problem is resolved.

May/3/2010 (Mon) 8:28 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to the whole world!
I updated this week's pictogram. It's a Children's Hall.

By the way, this web site have categorized Yahoo! Directory service after long time troubles.
However, this web site is categorized into Business_and_Economy/Business_to_Business/Signage/Directories/.

Nmm, this web site is not so serious page but for funny.

I will ask Yahoo! to change category to Entertainment.

April/27/2010 (Tue) 6:57 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Good mornig, good afternoon and good evening to the whole world.

As you know, I am not emplyed.

That means I have a lot of time but no money, I can not do anything,

So, I decided that I borrow money from credit card and play Japanese original gamble "Pachinko game", today.

When I am in my house, my wife say "If you're free, clean the house" or something.

It is boring to me.

Let's go Pachinko!!

April/26/2010 (Mon) 1:28 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Hi, good mornig, good afternoon and good evening to the whole world.

I updated this week's pictogram.

And I added new function. Pictogram list by country.
Now, there are few country's pictogram.
Japan, China, U.S.A, India and Bahama.

Please send me your country's pictogram.

Countribution is welcome!

April/19/2010 (Mon) 10:03 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Hi, good morning, good afternoon and good evening to everyone who live in earth.

I update this week pictogram. Wi-Fi hot spot.

By the way, where do you find this site?

Google? Yahoo?

Please let me know.

From "Please give me one piece of advice" of left menu, you can send easy message to me.

I will wait from your responce. THX.

April/17/2010 (Sat) 0:10 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Hi, good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to whole world.
Here, in Tokyo, it's snowing now.

It is very rare that snow falls in April.

Maybe, this is the first time to see snow in spring in my life.

Anyway, it is cold in my room.

My large PC will work as a stove. It is good for winter bad for summer.

April/16/2010 (Fri) 7:01 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, to whole world!
This "Pictogram Encyclopedia" is completely free website. So, please enjoy pictograms.

By the way, I am not employed, so I have been interviewed by a certain small office yesterday.
The president directly interviwed me, howeveer, he dyes his hair brown and wears silver neckless.

Oh no, again.

The president of my former patent's firm has ponytail.

Why do I have to meet silly presidents.

The style of presidents appears company's style.

Fu*k off silly presidents!!

April/15/2010 (Thu) 0:31 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Hello!! I update pictogram because this week is Indian pictogram week.
This website "Pictogram Encyclopedia" completely free. Please enjoy.

By the way, tomorrow, I will update last pictogram of Indian pictogram series.
After that,...What can I do? Actually, I have no pictogram to update.

So, please send me your country's pictogram.

With your contirution, this "Pictogram Encyclopedia" could be updated.

April/14/2010 (Wed) 0:52 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Hi! This week is Indian pictogram special.
Please enjoy pictograms from India.

And, this website is completely free.
Free encyclopedia of pictograms.

And, I will wait contribution pictograms.
If you have photo of pictogram, please send it to me by left menu "Contribution".

With your contribution, this PictoPedia will become Great Encyclopedia!!

April/12/2010 (Mon) 1:26 JST (GMT + 9hours)

I updated this week's pictogram.
And, there were contributed pictogram. Four pictograms of India.

So, I will update everyday in this week.
From Monday to Thursday.

Please enjoy Indian pictogram!

April/10/2010 (Sat) 0:04 JST (GMT + 9hours)

I made a new corner.

That is "I give you one piece of advice".

For example, "I want to say something to you, but it is not worth for writing E-mail"
In such case, please use this new corner "I give you oen piece of advice".
Your name, E-mail address and IP-address are not recorded but your adivece is delivered to me.

So, please give your advice to me!!

 April/8/2010 (Thu) 0:28 JST (GMT + 9hours)

I live near medical treatment prison.
And chery trees are planted along its wall.


When spring come, chery tree come into full bloom.

I wonder that prisoners feel happy or sad.

If I am in prison, I don't want to see chery blossoms.
I must feel sad because spring comes again. That measn one year passed.

It is caused by wall of prison.
Outside the wall, people feel happy, but inside the wall it is not happy thing.

The chery blossoms are cruel.

April/5/2010 (Mon) 2:24 JST (GMT + 9hours)

I update this week's pictogram. The child is falling down from window.

In this website, there are over than 500 pictograms.
So, please enjoy pictogram world!

By the way, I have submitted this to directory service.
And I got E-mail which tells me that your website will appear our "What's new list" in 2 or 4 days.
However, this website "Pictogram Encyclopedia" doesn't appear though I check Yahoo everyday.

Hey! What's the hell happened!?
List up my website in your "What's new list" ASAP, or I will not pay you.

March/29/2010 (Mon) 1:07 JST (GMT + 9hours)

This week's pictogram is updated, it's a "Hot dog". It's a delicious pictogram.

Hi, all of pictogram lovers!!

I update pictogram once a week, and this column will be update at any time.
So, I hope you come again to enjoy pictogams.

And contribution is also welcome.
If you find a pictogram, take a photo and send it to me, please.

I am looking forward to seeing your country's pictogram.

March/25/2010 (Thu) 21:24 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Welcome, pictogram lovers!!

If you are not pictogram lover, you will be a great pictogram lover after browsing this site.

And, pictogram contribution is welcome.

I would like to make this site the one of the world pictogram collection site.

Now, this site collects almost Japanese and a little Chinese pictogram.
However, this "Pictogram Encyclopedia" will contain all of the world's pictogram by your contribution.

Anyway, please enjoy pictograms!!

March/23/2010 (Tue) 19:06 JST (GMT + 9hours)

I updated this week pictogram, "Dog and cat".
The pictogram of cat is rare.

Well, my family live with four cats.
Mother, brother and two sisters.

The old sister "HANA" and little sister "KUMAKO" often have a squabble.
HANA had been hospitalized formerly, because her intestines had been stuffed.
Then little sister "KUMAKO" vomits foods. And I take her to animal clinic to see a doctor.

The doctor said "This is caused by a stress, because old sister has dissapeared from your home" .

They often have a squabble, once one dissapears, they miss each other.

Now today, two bosom sisters have a squabble. It is normal thing.

March/23/2010 (Tue) 9:43 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Good morning.

I have got an E-mail from that this site will appear in Yahoo Directory.

Then, people of the world will come to see this page?

I wish. I hope.

March/19/2010 (Fri) 0:46 JST (GMT + 9hours)

Layout slip off problem by browsing FireFox is temporary corrected.

By the way, Nobody see this page, because I just registered this page to Yahoo and Google a few days ago.

However, I write a column.

It looks like that I mumble to myself.

Will the day come when people of all over the world come to see this page?

March/17/2010 (Wed) 21:44 JST (GMT + 9hours)


I think I have completed to create this Pictogram Encyclopedia, but I browse this page by Firefox, layouts of page are slip out everywhere.

I must to correct soon.

I will write CGI from now... midnight work again?

March/17/2010 (Wed) 1:17 JST (GMT + 9hours)

I am an unemployee now.

I was a semiconductor engineer, but my company invited "Early retirement program", because company's business performance was very poor.

So, I applied for it.

However, all of Japan, semiconductor industry does not perform well.
Job openings are few.

Even if, I find a job, it is in Seoul or Taiwan.
I can NEVER relocate for my personal reason.

Japanese semiconductor industry is disappearing now.
Who can imagine this situation?

March/16/2010 (Tue) 16:03 JST (GMT + 9hours)


I made it.

I have checked all pages and corrected all bugs.

And, now I register this page to and

Today, March/16/2010, is memorial day that Pictogram Encyclopedia english version has completed.
It took whole one year to translate Japanese into English.

So, please enjoy pictograms!!

March/16/2010 (Tue) 14:30 JST (GMT + 9hours)

I am still checking each page of this Pictogram Encyclopedia...
Now, I am checking Page214 on the way of checking form page 1 to 581.

I drank the coffee of the second cup for the drowsiness awaking.

I want to finish the checking and want to register this page to Yahoo and Google.

So, let's get start again.

March/16/2010 (Tue) 1:40

I am checking each page of this Pictogram Encyclopedia...
I am tired, it is midnight.

Who collected such a large quantities of pictograms?
Yeah, it's me and your contribution.

And, who made a lot of HTML bugs?
Certainly, It's me!

Anyway, tired. I am going to sleep.

March/15/2010 (Mon) 20:41

Probably, updating CGI program work well.

If you find bugs or something strange, please let me know.

So, I have to check each pages(581pages!) from now.

March/15/2010 (Mon) 20:27


There are some bugs.

It displays "April". Spring has not come yet.

This version might work well.

April/15/2010 (Mon) 20:13

This is the first time to update column by CGI that I wrote.
I wish it will work well.

Come on!

March/15/2010 (Sun) 17:33

Now, I still testing CGI updating system.
I hope this would work well.

March/15/2010 (Mon) 16:37

This is test for column updatesystem.
These sentence is directly written.

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